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Faerie Blook by JazzHands966
Error by Kana-The-Drifter
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Blueberry Wolfie by BubbleIce720
[Ink!Sans] by BubbleIce720
Ink!Sans [Rainbow Effect] by BubbleIce720
Undertale Screenshot - Undyne Saves Monster Kid by nasexsavkifs
Undertale - Frisk by AquasProductions
Smol Frisk by grimGadabout
Spare Papyrus (Filler 3) by Magainita
determination by MachanicSky
Chara by undertalefan49
Will you be my Determination? by shadowphantom18
Chara Dreemur by Ryuzaki-kyu
ded by crispicroissant
Sans now by BirdfitBlu
(Profile) Bad Time Sans by TheComicGuys
Rain Like Tears by DragonHistorian
th boi !!(+speedpaint) by CosmicPastelly
Papyrus Shows His True Power by InsanelyADD
The Great Papyrus! by Chimichangar
You can do it, human! by Uriirhay
Papyrus - Undertale by PepeMonst3r
Toriel Now by BirdfitBlu
Sweet Toriel by SoundwavePie
an actual angel by Fel-Fisk
Undertale Toriel by Kbarrera001
Undyne With her Armor by BirdfitBlu
Undyne by skinlela
Water Queen Undyne by BelieveTheHorror
undyne blep by Darxu
Dr. Alphys
UT - Dr. Alphys by Nyalatale
(For KateMarie999) Panicky Alphys by ItsumoCelestialSushi
UT: Like Fed Ex by Echoheartx
Alphys (musical flashmob) by Alkhor-Dm
Mettaton by sharklover135
UT: Mettacest - Be together by ArainMorn
happy belated valentine's by Jintetsu
MTT NEO by AngieStars
The king of a starless world by Jupony
Huevember Day 20 - Temmie by lumalyssa
Napstablook Experience by chibipanda25
Pre Core Gaster by grimGadabout
LOVE?~ by flowerkitty68
Asriel Dreemurr by Bunibirb
Undertale - Muffet by AquasProductions
True Labratory Characters
Endogeny the Ten of Hearts by pika-chan2000
Random Encounters
Mad Dummy tires of your nonsense by Neti165
Other Monsters
Fuku by CosmicPastelly
Ready for battle (2) by Cliff-kun
Defenders of the Couch Kingdom by NakainRimmel
Mixed Groups
[PA] uvv0/) by evillovebunny500
UT: Smooches by Echoheartx
SchoolTale Short by Tumble-W
AU - Alternative Universe
|| Horrortale || Give Me Your Hand by ariesbby
temmie! by flowerkitty68
betty from glitchtale by flowerkitty68
Oc x Oc
Pink, Soul of Love (Underdimensions-Undermadness) by Sasha-MUFFINEATER
Oc x Canon
+ UnderFUSION - Sketch: But what do we have ? + by Yore-Donatsu
Chara cosplay~ by LiseGulli
RIDE THE CLAW by deaderrose

Mature Content

Bloody Toriel [Kiriban prize] / UT by shiinyao
Undertale - Napstablook by JulianaChristine1760
Comics -Closed-
Underfell and Underswap sans in a photo Booth by MiyumiChanxXx
Pairings -Closed-
Headcanons by NajikaSun
Sans -Closed-
Gone Mad by FoofiWolfie
AU - Alternative Universe -Closed-
When were you in control-Handplates by RoseMuto



~About The Group!~



This is a fan-group for Undertale! Feel free to join and post as much fan-art as your heart desires, all is welcome! We do hope you have fun!~

undertale by boorim

If you have any problems please contact Poma-Is-Here, Kana-The-Drifter & ForeverRoseify or any of the admins if you have any questions or concerns!

Skeletons do care by TheBlackSundress

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Hi everyone,

First, I would like to thank everyone who joins the group. It is you people who makes the group have a purpose.

Some of you may be aware that I am also the founder of Undertale-Galore. Its a group I made as a backup to this one. If anything happens that is where I will be hanging out. ( nothing is happening, it just a backup in case)

Currently, Undertale-galore is looking for active and able to keep things organized contributors to help out in the group.  If you are interested, please note galore any previous group experience and/or what you are able to do :3

Being active is my number one concern so please do not apply if you can not commit. I understand you will get busy but if you disappear for a month, you will probably be removed.

Lastly, I am working on getting in contact with our other mods so that we can move on to the voting portion of the contest as well so hopefully that journal will go up soon.

Thank you for your time, ForeverRoseify
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SansofUndertale Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
What happened to the contest? Is it done? Are the results somewhere?
ForeverRoseify Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Go read the latest journal. Nothing has happened to the contest
Bunibirb Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
Hey, thank you guys so much for the quick add to the group (^_^)
SsLovespandas1 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Heya! i'm sorry that i never post anything i got school and that so sorry! but i'm just gonna ask this : Can i leave the group?

Because i don't go on DeviantArt that much....sorry...And i don't mind if you can't do it know! i'm just asking...

Sorry i really am!
ForeverRoseify Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
You are free to come and go as you please. I am unable to remove (I dont have permissions to remove people) you so you have to leave the group yourself. You can do so by going up to where it says your username and in that drop down menu go to leave
SsLovespandas1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
ok thank you for telling me :)
Scourge-Female Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
Sans is so cute you did an awesome job on him and everyone else
Flagged as Spam
ForeverRoseify Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I ask that u stop with your spam and take it elsewhere. If you do not stop, the only next step will be a ban
9Weegee Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
what? i was told to do so.
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