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Gallery Folders

Sorting Help
Couple of Kids by TigerPhantom
.:3,100+++:. by xXLegendary-FuryXx
Pikachu Undertale Edition by OinatzStarUltra
Kayma's Bad Time (Art Trade) by KennyMcCormix
Blehh by DrFrogPhD
UT: Salvific by Tybay
Frisk and the world by Sasha-MUFFINEATER
Dust by DrFrogPhD
Chara by AnyaINK
Shirt Project 12 - Chara by A1t0aria
One Last Flower by BubbleGrass394
palewalker collab- Chara by StarBellWing
Sacrarium Dei Viridis by VanGold
He can't keep dodging forever. by DesDraws
*fifty resets have passed... by LotusTheKat
Sans (Colored Pencil Practice) by Aisheyru-Fox
Papyrus - My style by Maria203
Shirt Project 05 - Papyrus by A1t0aria
Papyrus The Grrreat.. by PurpleScorpion187
''Flying Butter?..'' by PurpleScorpion187
heartache by aria-hyuuga
Toriel by Un-Genesis
Shirt Project 02 - Toriel by A1t0aria
Vampire Goat by PurpleScorpion187
Undyne (at school) by 1error-EXE
Card of Undyne by nastyablook13
Shirt Project 06 - Undyne by A1t0aria
Fish waifu (redraw) by KittyStar43
Dr. Alphys
Shirt Project 07 - Alphys by A1t0aria
Alphys by VIMYO
Don't forget about me by MidLuuna
Alphys doodle~ by Neti165
MTT Telegram Sticker by Fab-FFz
Shirt Project 09 - Mettaton by A1t0aria
legs meme by AnnetheFox
Don't worry, he's hARMLESS by Rainbowz4
Sorrowful King by coffeelemental
:Fanart: Temmie by Sofua
Shirt Project 03 - Napstablook by A1t0aria
W. D. Gaster by AnnetheFox
Omega Flowey by Momychan
Hyperdeath (+speedpaint) by DrFrogPhD
Time for dinner! by Sasoura
True Labratory Characters
Endogeny by Vampireghosteyesvc
Random Encounters
Astigmatism - Undertale by GhoulTamer
Other Monsters
fukufire by BlueMagicTea
Snas and Papaya by Neti165
Feeling like Garbage by TheGreatPapyrus
Mixed Groups
Undertale sketchdump (sans, PAPYRUS, Flowey) by Vass-RieH
Wigfrid in Undertale - A Walk in the Woods (Flash) by Arrog-Ent-Alien
Ask Us 14 by SillyDaphney
AU - Alternative Universe
Ryu-Shinigami!Sans. by Sverdy
Just a walk by Cioccolata-L
Betty by Lilienwald
Oc x Oc
Flirt or surprise kiss meme [blank] by Kupcake117
Oc x Canon
Gaster and the ink machine by Mili-Chann
Undertale's Undyne by Kirchos
Operation Pasta-Void by TheComicGuys

Mature Content

Toriel spanks Robbie Rotten (Read the description) by Merilaux
200 Watchers GIVEAWAY!! by HeavenRose150
Contest Entries
Comics -Closed-
Underfell and Underswap sans in a photo Booth by MiyumiChanxXx
Pairings -Closed-
Headcanons by NajikaSun
Sans -Closed-
Gone Mad by FoofiWolfie
AU - Alternative Universe -Closed-
When were you in control-Handplates by RoseMuto



~About The Group!~



This is a fan-group for Undertale! Feel free to join and post as much fan-art as your heart desires, all is welcome! We do hope you have fun!~

undertale by boorim

If you have any problems please contact Poma-Is-Here, Kana-The-Drifter & ForeverRoseify or any of the admins if you have any questions or concerns!

Skeletons do care by TheBlackSundress

Folder Descriptions || Shipping/Pairing Explanation


(Sorry if you are annoyed with me about posting it again you can ignore if you want, its sorta becoming a monthly thing i've realized)
Edit 6/12/16 - New Folder added called Cosplays
Edit 5/18/16 - Added Hierarchy Chart and added/further explained folders.
Edit - New Folder added called Oc x Oc

This group is not responsible for shipping mistakes made on your art. We are not responsible for what one person may ship and what another may not.

In Regards to the "Pairings" Folder (This also holds true for Mixed groups and Ocs x canon folders)
Romantic ships are not the only form of shipping
Friend shipping and even Enemy shipping exists.
All are allowed in the Pairings folder.

And is fully expained in this journal ->

The word Pairings is also not a term exclusive to shipping and should not be treated as such.

This is the final words on this subject and any excuses will not be accepted.

Hi Everyone,

Now that we are pretty much done with folder sorting for the moment (exclusions of this is whats in the Featured Folder and the now new sorting help folder)

I figured I would give you all and introduction to the folders and what is meant to go where. Please note that if you submit something to the wrong folders, they will be declined.

Also I would like to thank :icon95jezzica: for their suggestion of how the folders should be sorted :3

Hierarchy Folder Chart:

Since some were asking what folder may have priority over another, I decided to post an explanation.

1) Sorting Help - Anything submitted here is accepted as it is seen that you need help in making sure it gets to the correct folder, which is perfectly alright.
2) NSFW - ANYTHING Marked with as mature warning / has suggestive content or something you would not show your mother.
3) Comics, Literature, Cosplays and Animations - Self-explanatory comics, stories and animations they should all go to the correct places.
4) Ocs, Ocs x Canon and Ocs x Ocs - Anything with an Oc, Persona or self-insert should go to these folders.
5) AU, Crossovers and Humanized - Self-explanatory anything au, crossover with another fandom and human versions of characters they should all go to the correct places.
6) Pairings, Mixed Groups and Skelebros - Images with multiple characters should go to the right folders
7) Individual Character Folders + Random Encounters and Other Monsters
8) Other - Anything left over or found to not fit any of the folders, then can be submitted there.

Further explanation of each individual folder is stated below.

* Featured : (Kept strictly for those the admins want to feature. Contest winner(s) are also featured here)
* Sorting help: (Here the artist can put their works if they really don't know where to put it. One of the admins will then help to sort it into the folder where it should be every so often.)
The following are character folders. Each has their own respective folder and only that character should be submitted there. If they are paired with another character in the image, you will need to submit whichever character group folder it fits.
The only exceptions, where other characters are allowed in another characters folder : Asriel and Flowey | Muffet and her pet muffin monster

* Frisk
* Chara
* Sans
* Papyrus
* Toriel
* Undyne
* Dr.Alphys
* Mettaton
* Asgore
* Temmie
* Napstablook
* Gaster
* Flowey
* Asriel
* Muffet
* True Laboratory Characters | For Character you find in the True Laboratory
* Random Encounters | For Monsters you can meet/fight during random encounters during the game. IE. Jerry, MAD Dummy or Froggit ect.
* Other Monsters | Monsters you meet in Shops, Grillby's, etc.
* Skelebros | Images of Sans and Papyrus together
* Pairings | For groups of two characters. Two characters, One Canvas, it goes here. Either romantic or platonic pairings are accepted here however NO SHIPPING AT ALL HAS TO TAKE PLACE HERE
* Mixed Groups | For pictures with 3 or more characters. Example: Frisk, Undyne & Sans | Alphys, Asgore, Toriel and Gaster
* Animations | Animations and Gif
* Comics   | Comics and Ask Blog answers
* Literature | Fanfictions, poems, reviews, journals etc. These must have Undertale mentioned in some shape or form
* AU - Alternative Universe | Underfell, Swaptale, etc.
* Humanized | Art with the monsters turned into humans
* OCs| A folder for all OCs. The only canon exception that belongs here are personifications of the human souls
* OC x Canon | When one or more OC(s) is/are together with 1 or more canon character
* OC x OC | For all OC pairings only, No canon related characters belong here
* Crossovers | Anything Undertale and another fandom combined together
* Cosplays | Cosplays of Undertale characters.
* NSFW | This is for NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK images go. Anything marked mature or is mature in nature must be submitted here!
* Other | Plushies, Other Crafts, images "photoshoped" with other images and anything else you can think of goes here

We ask that you please try and submit to correct folders the best you can. Again if you need help with where something should go, the Sorting Help folder is there for you to submit to.

- Co-Founder ~ ForeverRoseify
More Journal Entries


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Kayotime Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Does anyone know if Chapters of AU stories go in Literature or AU? I wrote the Prologue for my AU "Underwoods" but I'm not sure where to submit it...
ForeverRoseify Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Professional General Artist
Literature. We try and keep all the stories together and reseve the au folder to the artwork.
Kayotime Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I wasn't sure! I'll keep that in mind!

-That's a WONDERFUL idea!-
Kayotime Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uhmmmm.... also.... how do I submit something from my Journal into the Literature folder?

I hit "contribute to folder" but I can't find my Journal entry. I even tried putting the entry in my gallery and THEN hitting contribute but no matter what I do it doesn't show up! Am I doing something wrong? Please and thank you!
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OinatzStarUltra Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Sans: You have a problem with pasta bro.
Kayotime Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG noice!
OinatzStarUltra Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
HouseOfMarvels Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi, if anyone here is looking for fan fiction I have a writing related degree and I
write for a living, full time writer and artist. I'm also going to be co- writing a performance for a theatre company soon.

I'm open for writing commissions, a romance with your favorite character? Writing a one page story about a drawing you did? I can help with anything.

Undertale a specialty!

Pm for details!
Kayotime Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Greetings Undertale Fans! Thank you so much for letting me join the group! It really means a lot! I might not be able to contribute much because of school, but I'll try my best! 
NovaX17 Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  New Deviant Student
thank you guys for accepting me i feel loved 
HOI (F2U) 
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