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Gallery Folders

Undertale Inktober 2016 Day 3 Sans by GamersforGood
Death by Rainbows by RoyalNoir
Death by Glamour REDUX... by Pdubbsquared
Sorting Help
Ask Pepper Sans #3 - Do you know any of these? by RyuuPhantom
selfie!~ by Teacharms
Doodle Sketches! by Linkwolf64
Flowey by SafiraCanislupus
Magical Frisk by GabeTheArtist11
Snowy -  Frisk [Speedpaint] by ForeverMuffin
Save by Momychan
oh it'll flow to the bottom of the ocean by chilldrake
Palette Challenge - Chara by Unu-Nunium
You think you are above consequences? by NajikaSun
//Chibi Chara- Final fight by Debylek
Chara - sketch by RozenTrue
Pink Time by Waackery
Snas Doodle by Teacharms
Revenge by Ella-Bella1
UNDERTALE SANS by ITellMyselfSecrets
The Great Papyrus by KittBetelgeuse
[Art Trade] Meet Papyrus by H0rren
Papyrus by Dusk-Spectre
spaghetti baby by Little-Miss-Luna
Knitting by mamochan-momochan
Toriel by gabby0004
Toriel by SemaBluezero
Toriel - FULL by RozenTrue
Undyne the Undying by Cryonisia
Undyne by TheMiserableArtist
Warrior's Pose by Daehim
Undyne by Little-Miss-Luna
Dr. Alphys
classic alphys by dragonlover030393
Alphys by Little-Miss-Luna
Alphys by shayminlover492
Alphys by LetsCallItArt
Mettaton number 100000 by RaidioactiveVampy
Ghost Daddy by RaidioactiveVampy
leg model by quoorii
Mettaton NEO by Temmie4four
A S G O R E . by Xlanka
Tem 4 President by TheGreatPapyrus
Blooky by Cabbt
Doctor Determination (Hallow!Gaster) by The-NoiseMaker
not the best time by devinlocus
Being Sick... by WilliamTheEarth
Muffet #2 (Undertale) by TheGreatPapyrus
True Labratory Characters
Undertale-Endogeny Amalgamate Headshot by xX-NIGHTBANEWOLF-Xx
Random Encounters
I don't need friends. I've got KNIVES! by Wizaria
Other Monsters
More monster kid by JaviTale71
Inktober Day 13 - LAZYBONES... by carrot-cat17
inktober no. 19 by xOctober-Rain
Mixed Groups
Full of Hope by DarkPheonixtma
Sweetheart by VocaGUMImegpoid
Asking Him Out by YouLookLikeFOOD
Westerntale Ch 7: Idle Talk by JazzHands966
AU - Alternative Universe
fallen, voided by XxClockworkResonance
Glamorous Elixir by degree360
Undertale Request 10 Prisma by sakaruchibi
Oc x Oc
I don't wanna do this by KitsyJade
Oc x Canon
Papa King Sleepover Tea by StarLightDragon64
Undertale - safe by stormyprince
Inktober Day 20: Alien by Bunnygirle26
From Fresh milk for Frisk by LiLLi-ViLLa
Undertale Tarot Card Prints by gorillazfan666
Contest Entries
A Bad Time (Undertale-Fans Contest #6) by Silverspecs
Comics -Closed-
Pro Players (Soriel) by TurtleCavez
Pairings -Closed-
Headcanons by NajikaSun
Sans -Closed-
Gone Mad by FoofiWolfie



~About The Group!~



This is a fan-group for Undertale! Feel free to join and post as much fan-art as your heart desires, all is welcome! We do hope you have fun!~

undertale by boorim

If you have any problems please contact Poma-Is-Here, Kana-The-Drifter, xXBloodyBlossomXx & ForeverRoseify or any of the admins if you have any questions or concerns!

Skeletons do care by TheBlackSundress

Folder Descriptions || Shipping/Pairing Explanation
UPDATE for those who have recently submitted submissions. Unless you get a direct reason. ex, you used work that wasn't yours or submitted an animation. You will NOT receive a reason and will be directed back at the journal if asked. A lot of you are forgetting a very important part which is located just below the mention of prizes

*It's a beautiful day outside.
*birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
*On days like these, kids like you...

Sans has challenged you to a contest!

It's your mission to draw or write what you interpret of the boss battle between yourself and Sans. Does Sans let you pass? Does a bad time ensue? How does the battle end?

~"Photoshopping" is banned from this contest. This does not mean you are banned from using the program photoshop to illustrate.

~Any use of images that you have not created and art theft are prohibited.

~Entries must be completed works, No sketches or WIPs

~No Animations or gif's

~No previously created work can be entered

~More than one entry is acceptable

~You can submit an entry(s) and donate to the contest

~You may Draw/Write or both

~Traditional and Comics are allowed. 3D artwork is allowed as well

~AU's are acceptable as long as the stated character above is present. AU versions of them are also accepted.

~Like previous contests, you is left ambiguous. This is so you can use what character you would like for the fight (Frisk, Chara, Ocs, or Personas, ect)

Your submissions will be split between two categories, Literature and Artwork. Both will be judged on creativity, originality, and effort put into them. There will be prizes for both categories making a total of 6 prizes.

(We are open to the acceptance of art related/more point prizes, If you are interested in donating a prize, feel free to comment below.)
(Are subject to change if more prizes are added)

1st place - 75pts from Undertale-Fans
           - Entry Featured in Feature Folder at Undertale-Fans
           - Full-body chibi (or semi-chibi) drawing from GodZancrow
           - Full Drawing from MisterWanka
           - 2 - character drawing from Sami-Fire
           - Painted lineart (No NSFW) from ILoveCowz (Art Only)
           - Full colored picture from Rachi-san (Art Only)
           - 2 Full Body Pixels from ForeverRoseify (Literature Only)

2nd place - 50pts from Undertale-Fans
           - Entry Featured in Feature Folder at Undertale-Fans
           - Full drawing with other style from MisterWanka
           -  1 - character drawing from Sami-Fire
           - Cel-shaded lineart (No NSFW) from ILoveCowz (Art Only)
           - Chibi from Rachi-san (Art Only)
           - 1 Full Body Pixel from ForeverRoseify (Literature Only)

3rd place - 25pts fromUndertale-Fans
           - Entry Featured in Feature Folder at Undertale-Fans
           - Chibi from MisterWanka
           - Lineart from Rachi-san (Art Only)
           - Pixel Headshot from ForeverRoseify (Literature Only)

There will be an Honorable mention for both categories where you shall also be feature in the Featured Folder

Submissions only should be submitted to the CONTEST ENTRIES FOLDER. Please be sure to label in the name of the work that it is a contest entry. If your entry is not clearly labeled, it will be declined. (This is just so we know and don't decline your entry by mistake)

If you comment your entry in the comments, you did not read this journal correctly and you should review it again. Any entries that are not submitted to the contest entries folder will not count in the contest. Any comments commenting an entry will be hidden.

Judging is a 50/ 50 deal. The other mods and myself shall take all of the submissions and submit the 10 (top 10 in art - top 10 in lit) to be judged by the members of the group via a poll.

I would love to continue these contest as I've been told everyone find some joy in them :3,  If you would like to donate points, simply go to the donation widget on ForeverRoseify account and state that its for Undertale-Fans. Without generous donations we would not be able to hold such contests, so we truly appreciate anything you can afford to give. While the points may not go to this specific contest, it helps to fund future ones.

The Contest ends the 1st of November and I look forward to all the entries
If you have any questions (that can not be found above ^), feel free to ask below
~Co-Founder - ForeverRoseify
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