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Carry me- FriskXSans by MachanicSky
Get Dunked ON!!!! by 0ppai-Senpai

Mature Content

I'll just TAKE it from YOU (Desc for credits) by LegendaryLM
Skeleton doodles by SafiraCanislupus
Frisk Concept Sketches by TheStrangestofAll
Undertale- Frisk by REIdepenguin
UNDERLOVE: Before And After by Hexblaster
Determined Heart by NoruYagami
The Fallen Angel by vinlanyasz
Chara by Moonlight1341
Chara by japanindisguise
Chara: First attempt by KfoxtheMercanary
UT - Burning in Hell by Taelunder-Dreemurr
Hesitation by Sunfren
heh, looks like you lost again.... by JazzHands966
Seasons Greetings by QueenBeePlush
when you get bored at school by pokejustine001
The Great Papyrus by HelpImAlivex
Disbelief... by Pdubbsquared
SANS!!! STAHP!!! by Twilight-Chan666
Merry Christmas! by PolarisFawn
Goat Mom by PolishedBrain
You are my heartache by foxiemctails
Toriel by gabby0004
UNDYING by Pdubbsquared
Defeated by FNAFkitnn123
Undyne the Undying Cheeb by EbonyDraws
Undyne Sketch by RitaTheHedgehog
Dr. Alphys
Feels like something's gonna happen this year... by wholetthemonstersout
Dr. Alphys (UNDERTALE fanart) by BluSpirits
.:Alphys Takes Action:. Alphys NEO by Densetsu-Sama
UT: Alphys by ArainMorn
[Speedpaint] UT: Mettaton with\out make-up by ArainMorn
When u don't need body by Bruppet
FA: Mettaton by AngelTheCyborgPanda
Mettaton by Dusk-Spectre
I'll (probably) Survive... by wholetthemonstersout
ThE IncrIDIbl mOIl-Tem!111!!1 by Unu-Nunium
Napstablook by StarryOak
UNDERTALE - Royal scientist - by BloodyArchimedes
You really ARE an idiot by Biatrist
These days by Biatrist
Muffet by Ksuriuri
True Labratory Characters
Chibi Endogeny by KSapphire8989
Random Encounters
Dummy! by RIZnBEN
Other Monsters
Monster Kid by PlagueDogs123
Tell me your dreams, lazy bones by anneinsanityross
Fishy present by MidLuuna
Mixed Groups
Sleepy by ryllcat21
Genocide Route: Frisk _Animation by Nunninaa
Failed Genocide AU Pt 16 by Dark-Merchant
Ch. 1: Asgore's Wars, Within, Without by MenollySagittaria
AU - Alternative Universe
Demitale Flowey by Cabbt
Underswap by Zoe-starlar
I'M NOT ASKING+ speedpaint by sakaruchibi
Oc x Oc
Notice Me Senpai by sakaruchibi
Oc x Canon
NT's interlude - School year group picture by Niutellat
My Halloween costume by StaryTheWolf15
Fnaf-Swap A Very Good Time by Notori0us7

Mature Content

L O V E the way you keep on dying by Jaravina
[Undertale] Snowdin 3d by Latyprod
Contest Entries
Comics -Closed-
Underfell and Underswap sans in a photo Booth by MiyumiChanxXx
Pairings -Closed-
Headcanons by NajikaSun
Sans -Closed-
Gone Mad by FoofiWolfie
AU - Alternative Universe -Closed-
When were you in control-Handplates by RoseMuto



~About The Group!~



This is a fan-group for Undertale! Feel free to join and post as much fan-art as your heart desires, all is welcome! We do hope you have fun!~

undertale by boorim

If you have any problems please contact Poma-Is-Here, Kana-The-Drifter & ForeverRoseify or any of the admins if you have any questions or concerns!

Skeletons do care by TheBlackSundress

Folder Descriptions || Shipping/Pairing Explanation


...And the winners are.....
drum roll... -Birds fly away from the noise-

1st Place -
Contest Entry: You can still fix this. by LadyIcepaw By :iconladyicepaw:

2nd Place -
Sans' Fight {Contest Entry} by Ice6400 By :iconice6400:

3rd Place -
Contest Entry: Mercy by JazzHands966 By :iconjazzhands966:

HM (You get a feature in the feature folder) -
Here goes nothing (contest entry) by PowerOfSin By :iconpowerofsin:

1st Place -
Oh, Comedian (CONTEST ENTRY)It’s funny how death seems to slow down time.
How you can feel your lungs fill with ache. Each breath taken inflating them a little less every time air runs through them. How your blood gives the impression to turn into molten metal struggling to circulate inside your veins. Or how the heart, at first, beats rapidly, as if trying to help you catch your breath before slowly realizing it is a rather pointless task. I never felt so alive before experiencing agony. How heavy this weak body was nor how strong its fight against the inevitable could be.
I fell, but mostly, I failed. Yet again. I lay miserably on the floor, my head turned towards the golden light shining through the arched windows. I watch as my blood progressively stains the ground around me. Who knew blood could have such a deep color nor how much could come out of my body? The fight went so fast, but in these moments of torment, I do not need to think. I meet a short lull, yet it always appears to last forever. And as
By :iconcryonisia:

2nd Place -
Sans Culpability? [Contest Entry]Sans Culpability?
The small human's brown shoes struck the tiles of the Judgment Hall, echoing with each step as they slowly walked through this giant place. It could hold all the monsters of the underground. They passed many columns and observed the stained-glass windows that gave light a yellow cast. The light also gave the hall certain warmth that was a welcomed change from the cold streets of the city the human had just left behind.
Like drops making ripples in lake water, their steps broke the silence that drowned this place. Nobody was in this hallowed hall.
The king was probably in his throne room. The streets they had seen had been mostly abandoned.
so you finally made it.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, he was right in front of them, only a few meters away. A small skeleton with a dimpled smile, wearing an unzipped blue hoodie, black shorts with white stripes and some sneakers, he looked like he had just left bed and mixed up what he wanted to wear today. His casual, lazy
By :iconlogi87:

3rd Place -
It's A Beautiful Day Outside...    *it's a beautiful day outside.
    *birds are singing, flowers are blooming.
    *on days like this, kids like you...

    Come on, Sans, you think, exasperated. Every single time. The same words, the same tone, the same attacks. As if you don't know they RESET every single time.
But you can't worry about that right now. Actually, you can't worry about anything right now, except not getting Frisk killed. The bones and beams from the Gaster Blasters are flying at them now, and they're dodging to the best of their ability. Still, they've taken significant damage. 
    You refrain from rolling your eyes. The only way you can get past Sans is if Frisk gets past him- you know that from... well, let's just say "previous experience". But Frisk is apparently very bad at not dying, however determined they may be. You feel like you're going to have a bad time, and you are really NOT in the mo
By :iconmoonofthenightwings:

HM (You get a feature in the feature folder) -
Contest #6 Entry: An Accidental Bad TimeAn Accidental Bad Time
Ding! Dong! Ding!
File saved: Cameron LV1 150:42 Judgement Hall
“Judgment hall ehh?” “Well if I’m going to be judged might as well reminisce a bit.” “Now that I think about I’ve come a long way from The Ruins” “The Ruins, Snowdin, Waterfall, Hotland…” “I’ve met so many wonderful people.” “Toriel, Napstablook, Sans, Papyrus, Monster Kid, Undyne, Alphys, and Mettaton just to name the ones I spent the most time with.” “But in this whole journey one question has been on my mind for a while?” “How could we, the humans, seal such a nice group of people underground?” “What caused it?” “Maybe meeting Asgore will answer these questions.” “All I can do now is continue on.”
I continued onward through the hallway listening to the birds singing until Ding! Dong! Ding!
“So you finally made it.”
I turned my head
By :iconsirzero14:

There were some ties via the polls, so a coin toss of 3 coins via was used to see who would get the higher placement.

The group will send you your points and will feature you work shortly. If there is an art / lit prize along with your prize, please contact those artists as soon as you can and as respectively as possible, as they were wonderful enough to donate the prizes. If they need confirmation about who won what, tell them to get in contact with me (ForeverRoseify).

Congrats again to our fabulous winners and to all who entered.

Here is the list of prizes for each place if you need it again. (If you won for art you get the Art Only prizes and vise versa for lit)

1st place - 75pts from Undertale-Fans
          - Entry Featured in Feature Folder at Undertale-Fans
          - Full-body chibi (or semi-chibi) drawing from GodZancrow
          - Full Drawing from MisterWanka
          - 2 - character drawing from Sami-Fire
          - Painted lineart (No NSFW) from ILoveCowz (Art Only)
          - Full colored picture from Rachi-san (Art Only)
          - 2 Full Body Pixels from ForeverRoseify (Literature Only)

2nd place - 50pts from Undertale-Fans
          - Entry Featured in Feature Folder at Undertale-Fans
          - Full drawing with other style from MisterWanka
          -  1 - character drawing from Sami-Fire
          - Cel-shaded lineart (No NSFW) from ILoveCowz (Art Only)
          - Chibi from Rachi-san (Art Only)
          - 1 Full Body Pixel from ForeverRoseify (Literature Only)

3rd place - 25pts from Undertale-Fans
          - Entry Featured in Feature Folder at Undertale-Fans
          - Chibi from MisterWanka
          - Lineart from Rachi-san (Art Only)
          - Pixel Headshot from ForeverRoseify (Literature Only)
          - Digital Lineart from DotAandMe (Literature Only)

Little Side Update: Sorry if submissions have been a little backed up, I went on a thanksgiving break XD I make sure they are mostly caught up soon - ForeverRoseify
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