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Gallery Folders

Faerie Blook by JazzHands966
Error by Kana-The-Drifter
Sorting Help
Frisk and Asriel encounter by SkaryWoman
Emphasis on (Tried) 001 by The5armdamput33
Clover [Undertale Yellow] by Panda-Pangeran
Im so sorry...  by GamingMetalhead999
Frost hearts by Sarha-Victorians
Memories by WiseongYang
* It filled you with DETERMINATION by rutikina
Frisk Sketch by X-Mervielle-x
Lil CHAWA by Kouhai-NekoChan
Chara by muffingirlthemuffin
Fading to flowers by Neti165
Since when were you the one on control by Kouhai-NekoChan
A familiar face by JAMPSEN
SanS by laraking
Sans Doodle by Noodle-Bowl
Sans Fingerguns by Erkfir
inktober day 25: papyrus by theolivethief14
He believes in you by JazzHands966
Cute as a button! by foxiemctails
missing piece by LotusTheKat
Would you like a slice of pie, my child? by SansFan12345678910
Aquadango : Undertale - Toriel by aquadango
Goat Mom by MewMaxX
Daily sketch - Goat... mom? by PowerOfSin
Undyne Concept Sketch by Ironic-Melon
[ Collab ] [ Undertale ] Fish kid by Soph-arts
Not Human History by TheLittledDemonCat
Undyne Undertale by MyDrawingSpace888
Dr. Alphys
Long Way Down by This-Beautiful-World
VB18: Alphys - Date Night by ViroVeteruscy
Alphys by JohanneN18
Alphys by wistle-sun
Initialise Bishi-Mode by VanGold
FanArt | Mettaton | Undertale | SpeedArt by MyDrawingSpace888
Mettaton Ex | FanArt by MyDrawingSpace888
Mettaton by ILoveNature12345
Asgore Dreemurr by cyber-walker
Temme! by dobled08
Blooky by darsynd
Pearl and Oil by CalistoZom
In this World, it's KILL or BE KILLED! by SansFan12345678910
Undertale - Asriel Dreemurr by AquasProductions
Muffet Undertale by gingersai
True Labratory Characters
Endogeny the Ten of Hearts by pika-chan2000
Random Encounters
Mad Dummy blocks the way! by UndyingWarrior772
Other Monsters
Monster Kid - Undertale by Plushie-Mama
The Great Skeletons by Vass-RieH
UT: Mettadyne :D by ArainMorn
Mixed Groups
Player Chara by arafridi2000
Happy Easter 2017 [Free] by That-Cake
Determination Tale - page 4 by Fireheart745
AU - Alternative Universe
Calne Ca Sans by ChimeraAngel18
Undertale: Human Grillby by luien
UT: Fantoche Designs by Loumun-Versen
Oc x Oc
Some Poth by Unu-Nunium
Oc x Canon
The new squad by Doudy20
Chara cosplay Collage by MachanicSky
His theme by GamingMetalhead999

Mature Content

Tasty Magic? by Z0RDIC
Pile of DragonSanses by BlazeMizu
Comics -Closed-
Underfell and Underswap sans in a photo Booth by MiyumiChanxXx
Pairings -Closed-
Headcanons by NajikaSun
Sans -Closed-
Gone Mad by FoofiWolfie
AU - Alternative Universe -Closed-
When were you in control-Handplates by RoseMuto



~About The Group!~



This is a fan-group for Undertale! Feel free to join and post as much fan-art as your heart desires, all is welcome! We do hope you have fun!~

undertale by boorim

If you have any problems please contact Poma-Is-Here, Kana-The-Drifter & ForeverRoseify or any of the admins if you have any questions or concerns!

Skeletons do care by TheBlackSundress

Folder Descriptions || Shipping/Pairing Explanation


Update: Please do not forget about the literature vote. If we get no results there, neither catagories will be awarded prizes. So go vote for lit as well, they currently have no votes at all.

Here is the results of the mod judging portion.
The following move forward to the member voting and are not listed in any particular order.

{UT} Fated to FIGHT [Art contest entry .2] by DrPainter Paige and Asgore by Paige-The-Red Stalling Fate [Contest Entry] by SansofUndertale Mr dad guy (contest entry) by Cosmic-soda Picking Up the Pieces (Contest Entry) by Mossfire001 Fight option (contest entry by jairartis
(CE) Facing my last Mercy (Competition Entry) by MillyMop585 Sir, Are You King Fluffybuns? (Contest entry) by Cryonisia [CE] King of the Mountain [Contest Entry] by evillovebunny500
Undertale: Asgore vs Frisk by KikyoYuuki

All Move Forward!

The Contest folder has been edited to reflect these choices


:bulletgreen: In both the Art and Lit Category you are allowed to vote for your top 3 entry's. It is asked that you don't vote for more than that in each category. So please only vote for 3 entries for both polls. ( Don't vote 6 times, if you have you voted to much lol)

:bulletgreen: You only get to vote once on each poll, so be careful.

:bulletgreen: You are not allowed to beg for votes! You are allowed to post a journal asking people to vote, however you can't ask for votes for yourself.  If anyone is found doing so, you will be disqualified and If you place in the top places, the Runner Up will take that spot and so on. If more than one person is found to do this, Voting for the winners will be taken away all together and judging will go back to the way it was.

:bulletgreen: With the Lit Category, it is asked that you actually read the entry before placing your vote.

:bulletgreen: Do not be disappointed if your entry is not getting votes, All of the entries submitted to our contest is amazing and I am sure it is hard for people to chose who they would like. Just give yourself a pat on the back, you did a wonderful job.

:bulletgreen: While you technically are allowed to vote for yourself, it is asked that you do not do it.

Good luck to all and happy voting!

Art -
Lit -
More Journal Entries


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excuse me but I submit a drawing and it never got accepted?
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Hey, I accidently submitted a drawing to the wrong gallery folder. Is there any way for it to be moved to the 'Sans' category if it's accepted?
ForeverRoseify Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
If it is submitted incorrectly, you should be notified to change it and the previous submission will be declined
DragonHeart1621 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Nevermind, I figured it out.
GamingMetalhead999 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
Are there guidlines and rules for art content?
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Howdy there!
//hugs everyone
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